Microsoft would work on Xbox controllers for smartphone and tablet

A few days ago, Microsoft announced its Project xCloud, to get into the video game streaming market. What allow, in theory, to play on any device, including smartphones and tablets.

Controller for smartphones

But while some mobile games are very popular today, the physical accessories such as keyboards, mice and controllers can be a big advantage. Microsoft is well aware of this, and according to a report from Windows Central, the Redmond giant would work on Xbox controllers that could be used on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

In a research paper recently discovered, we learn that Microsoft has even created prototypes via 3D printing. As Windows Central says, this idea is not new, the giant already working there in 2014. But we must believe that the recent success of the Nintendo Switch could have pushed Microsoft to accelerate the project.

That being said, it is very common for companies like Microsoft to explore ideas of this kind, without producing a finished product. And if you need a controller for your smartphone / tablet, there are a multitude of options on the market today. Microsoft would have much to do in this market, if he decided to enter …

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