Google: to a “Play Pass” subscription for the Play Store

According to several convincing clues, Google could be working on a subscription for its Google Play Store. After all, why not pay for a subscription to access hundreds of paid apps (and games!)? An idea is quite good enough that could come to see the day … or not!


A mysterious “Play Pass” in the APK of the Play Store

Although nothing is confirmed yet, there are several indications that Google is actually working on a subscription for the Play Store.

It all began last June when Kieron Quinn accidentally discovered the “Play Pass” feature by decompiling the Play Store APK using the Xposed framework, as reported by XDA. At that time, only a few code fragments mentioning a “PLAYPASS_SUBSCRIPTION” were found in the file, passing in value “true” did not affect the operation of the Play Store, so it was difficult to to conclude anything since no other details were known.

A Google Opinion Rewards Survey Evocative

However, a few days ago, a second clue appeared in a Google Opinion Rewards survey, which sparkled the XDA community. One of the questions in the survey concerns the interest that could be generated by a service that “gives access to the equivalent of hundreds of dollars in application and paid games for a sum to be paid every month”. In addition, Google had already asked its users in a similar way in 2016 about tasty foods starting with the letter “N”. Among the choices offered was “Nougat”, the name of the 7th version of the Android system.

Finally, the adoption of a subscription service for the Play Store would allow Google to reduce the profitability gap that exists today with the Apple App Store.

However, we must not forget that this information is purely speculative. Google has not yet commented on a potential subscription to the Play Store, but we know at least now that the idea is perhaps making its way among the heads of the Mountain View firm.

And you, would you be willing to pay a subscription to the Google Play Store?

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