Gmail exceeds 1.5 billion users worldwide

Google has just released the latest numbers around its email service. Unlike Google Plus’s bitter failure, Gmail continues to grow and grow significantly.

Gmail exceeds 1.5 billion users worldwide

It’s on Twitter that Google has announced that no less than 1.5 billion users are using Gmail at the moment. This outright success is even more impressive when we know that in 2015, the service just reached the famous billion. In three years, more than 500 million new accounts have been created.

1.5 billion users and counting. Thank you 😊 →

— Gmail (@gmail) 26 octobre 2018


A safe bet for Google

Of course, this does not necessarily mean that 1.5 billion people on the planet have a Gmail account, many users with multiple email addresses. However, this significant figure leaves imagine a bright future for the American giant.

Indeed, Gmail has completely revised its interface this year and an offline mode has also emerged. Other features will probably be deployed in the near future. Will Google reach the threshold of 2 billion before 2021? The answer in a handful of years.

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