Hybrid Internet: better speed by combining 4G and ADSL?


Internet Hybrid

The Belgian company Tessares is working on a solution combining mobile and wired network to increase the Internet speed at home. An alternative to fiber?

Optical fiber is still a dream for millions of people and the deployment of technology will probably take years to cover the vast majority of US territory. That’s why companies are looking for alternatives to increase internet speeds using existing technology.

A technology combining 4G and ADSL for beginnings up to 30 Mbps

This is the case of the Belgian company Tessares, which is developing a technology called “Internet Hybrid“. It is based on the Multipath TCP protocol, currently being standardized by the Broadband Forum, the association of telecommunications equipment manufacturers.

It makes it possible to cumulate the ADSL speed of its telephone line, and the 4G bit rate offered by the antennas of its mobile operator. Nicolas Men, marketing manager of the project, explains to Univers Freebox the benefits of this solution: “In 2017, nearly 20% of homes in US have an ADSL speed of less than 8 Mb / s. For households covered in 4G , the Hybrid Internet makes it possible to improve the connectivity of these zones by combining the ADSL flow with the 4G flow. The delivered bit rate could go up to 30 Mb / s, considered as very high speed by the Digital Agency “.


A process that interests one of the French operators

This process can be reminiscent of 4G boxes, which can be used with more mobile devices, and more powerful but also more unstable. With the “Hybrid Internet”, the speed is combined with the stability of a wired connection.

It is enough for the user to install a software on his router to benefit from it. The operator must also make some changes on his network. The “hybrid Internet” will be made by the operators of the standardization is done.

The Tessares solution has been deployed in Belgium, Lithuania and the Netherlands. A French operator has already expressed interest and talks to the company, but its name is still confidential.

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