Soon high-performance batteries in Samsung terminals?

Soon high-performance batteries in Samsung terminals?

Samsung fans have a new bone to gnaw. On Twitter, the account “Samsung Mobile News” indicated that the manufacturer would have “completed the development of its graphene batteries”. The mysterious source has even estimated that these batteries could be integrated in future products, such as Galaxy S 11 or Galaxy Note 10.

With its extraordinary conductivity, graphene is a material that makes you dream. Especially those who manufacture batteries. However, what credibility can we give to this tweet? It is true that Samsung has been looking for several years on the development of graphene-doped batteries. In November 2017, researchers at the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology even introduced a lithium-ion battery with an anode and a cathode covered with tiny “graphene balls”. This carbonic popcorn boosts performance. The laboratory tests divide the loading time by five and increase the energy density by 27%. Which is more than appreciable.

However, it is unlikely that this super-efficient battery will pass from the laboratory to industrial production in less than a year. Even assuming that this battery is now finalized, it would be too late to integrate it into the next Galaxy S10, whose launch is traditionally in February. At the earliest we could see it appear in the next Galaxy Note.

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