Top 10 Apple Watch Questions and Answers!


When  you’re out and about traveling or even just wearing the Apple Watch in general no matter how much you cover it up or no matter how much you don’t show it to anyone people when they figure out that you’re wearing an Apple Watch inevitably have a lot of questions about it even if you’re wearing some other smartwatch. They asked about the Apple Watch so I’ve sort of compounded list of the 10 most frequently asked questions that people have when they figure out that they’re interested in the Apple Watch.
Number one what are the best apps for the Apple Watch?
This could easily be its own entire separate Article. But for now. So my favorites right now are Shazam which just lets me id a song with one tab on the watch and deliveries which is another favorite. It’s another one of those things that I’ve gotten used to on Android where getting a notification when a package gets delivered and then actually some first party won so I really like maps the turn by turn directions function and the activity tracker is very good if your fitness person. The Apple Watch Sport combined with the fitness tracker is really good and then of course there’s things like Instagram and Twitter. But the thing is these aren’t really Apple Watch apps. Essentially their iPhone apps that happen to have an Apple Watch component to them.
Number two what’s the deal with these Apple Watch apps and why are they so slow?
Here’s the thing. Apple Watch apps are not native. And what this means is the components the resources for the apps are not actually stored on the watch they’re stored on your iPhone. And when you tap to open that app on your watch it streams and moves all those resources to the watch for you to open. So that’s why it can be a little bit delayed a little bit slow and can feel like it’s lagging a lot. And you can store up to about 20 megabytes of Image Resources on the watch for a particular app. But bottom line is they’re not native and that’s why they’re slow. Fortunately there’s a fix for that thanks to the Apple Watch good framework. Native Apple Watch apps are coming next year. Should it have been that way to begin with. Probably. But at least they’re getting better.
Number three is it waterproof. No but it is rated for IP x 7 water resistance and essentially this is just a precautionary measure. It means you can go out in the rain and wear it outside and it’s not a big deal if it gets splashed. But there’s been videos on youtube of it getting you know water poured on it and being submerged and even people taking showers with it. I wouldn’t recommend those things even though it technically survived. But yes it’s water resistant to a degree.
Number four. How is the battery life really??
 It’s actually pretty good in the hierarchy of modern smartwatches that not including Pebble the Apple Watch is pretty much up there. It’s said set in the for view it lasts about a day and a half on battery had never killed it in a single day. And I’ve gotten pretty close to two days pretty frequently. And I’ve also got to test the power reserve mode when I was traveling today got on my flight put on Power’s surf mode at about 97 percent. Six hours later the flight was over and I checked it and I turn it back on and it’s still at 97 percent. So that was great. It charges in about an hour and a half to two hours from empty. And it does get a little bit warm while charging but that’s not a big deal. And you can also get a little bit of extra battery out of your iPhone if you don’t check it as much since you’re using your watch.
Number five does it scratch?
Yes. It kind of does have a stainless steel version and I have like one or two tiny hairline scratches on it not a big deal. The Moto 360 also has a couple of tiny hairline scratches on it so that’s not a big deal. That’s just the way they are.
Number six what kind of accessories are there for the Apple Watch?
It’s an Apple product. Surely there’s going to be accessories and yes there are. There’s a whole bunch. First of all there are some docs for it and these are sort of alternative methods for charging it. Since Apple’s method isn’t exactly pretty you can get sort of a larger more pretty version of a dock to charge Apple Watch. Those I understand actually have gold Apple Watch Edition even comes with its own custom charging case. Then there are screen protectors which I guess also makes sense you want to keep it in pretty decent condition. You want to avoid those scratches and for stuff still works everything still works with the screen protect on so that’s fine. And then there are cases for the Apple Watch. You don’t need a case for the Apple Watch.
Number seven is it true that there is a mystery port on the Apple Watch?
Actually yes there is there’s a sort of a tiny port a diagnostic port right behind where the band clips in where it actually does except power. So people are sort of trying to come up with bright ideas to take advantage of this. One company is actually building a new Apple watch band with a battery built into it to plug into that little tiny port. Sort of a bright idea. And yeah that’s sort of the idea. It’s mostly still for Apple employees to troubleshoot the watch.
Number eight what’s good with forced touch?
Actually forced touch is really good especially in the Apple Watch mostly because the vibration motor in the watch is so good. But it’s a sort of a more info button and it’s gotten pretty useful and the Apple Watch. My favorite thing about it is just long pressing on your notifications to clear on notifications. That’s something that I wish would come to Android Wear and maybe we’ll see that at Google I O and a couple of days but it’s here to stay. It’s in the new Mac book. It’s on the new Apple Watch. And actually it’s expected to show up in the iPhone as well. So forced touch it works. And it’s pretty good. Even though it has a terrible name.
Number nine what is the best combination of bands/size for the Apple Watch?
Really it’s all personal preference you’re just choosing a bunch of materials for it. My personal favorite would be the 42 millimeter space gray stainless steel with failover. Actually in that leather loop looks pretty bad.
So that brings us number 10 which is should you buy the Apple Watch?
A lot of people’s got response is either. Heck no. Or maybe yes if you own an iPhone and you want a smart watch the Apple Watch and the pebble are really your only choices in a theater. 49$. There are other smart watches at this price. And for the build the Apple Watch Sport is at least worth that price. Anything above the Apple Watch Sport the functionality is exactly the same and you’re only paying for a difference in materials they’re paying for a leather or villainies band or stainless steel or sapphire crystal. Those kinds of things the craftsmanship is fine on the Apple Watch Sport and if you can deal with that and say yes we if going to go above that. Really think about exactly what materials are getting and if you think spending 5, 7 or 8 hundred dollars or ten thousand dollars is worth it on an Apple Watch. I would lean towards no. But if we’re going to just get into this for the first time Apple Watch Sport is fine.


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