Shima by La Forge, are ICIS glasses, the New wearable technology


We all see things differently, each eye and mind has its own concept of beauty, and refinement; our vision is unique. But what if we could see more.

This is Shima ( ICIS  before)

The pair glasses  looks like a normal pair of glasses but it’s a lot more. 
A wearable technology of something style. A good design is this little design as possible that’s what Shima by La Forge believes
the human face is so unique. No two are alike, making one pair of eyewear to fit everyone’s face is like trying to make one pair of shoes to fit everyone’s feet. It is impossible!!! ICIS recognize that and create a twice of stylish shapes and colors that compliment your personality and your face.
The Shima line represents a sort of minimalism and refined, form and functionalities are melded together to create something new. Everything about this design is focused on delivering an incredible sense of style and sophistication.
ICIS glasses or Shima by La Forge : Different styles
ICIS glasses is well integrated! meaning that the battery, circuitry, and speakers all live within the chassis of ICIS, making them appear and function like a normal pair of glasses. The shape of the temple is defined by the shape of your face. ICIS ar glasses that has been designed to rest comfortably on your ears. Shima is simple. When you open the box. There’s nothing to assemble, you operate ICIS glasses by swiping Tapie touchpad allowing you to quickly maneuver through your eye all of the information from your smartphone frames, your vision with streams of data served up from the cloud.
So it has a little chip here inside of the lens and that chip shows notifications from your Smartphone. What it is noticed when it was developing this, is that basically the phone is in the way the whole time.
ICIS glasses or Shima by La Forge : Normal mode with Social notifications
These glasses reduce the dependency of needing to look down at your phone to see  your data and you can finally look at an interactive What’s going on around.


So let’s say if you want to go for a quick jog. These glasses will automatically show you your speed your pace anything you want to know that deals with your running activities. 
ICIS glasses or Shima by La Forge : jogging mode


ICIS glasses is a concept that unique to both the fashion world and the tech world. We can’t make this dream a reality without our engineer imagination and perseverance. This is a new type of device that is really unique in the sense of how it operates.
They are also come in a variety of styles and colors. You can even get them in your prescription.


When you’re driving it will the detect this automatically and pull up your phone’s maps app and show you turn by turn navigation. 


ICIS glasses or Shima by La Forge : driving mode
This product is phenomenal. It works and lot of people love it.
Shima is something you wear on your face, it is designed it to be cool stylish fresh not like that old cyborg world that you get with some other products. So this is why it was paid careful attention to design and the style of these glasses. 
ICIS glasses or Shima by La Forge VS Cyborg glasses
ICIS will get you where you go next you to care about get you the information. Great. All customized smart!. Good! No 😉 it’s time to look at things differently.
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